Germany‘s cleanest shoppingcenter

Where can one find Germany’s cleanest shopping center? We can already let you know that it is part of the ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KGs portfolio. Last week all surfaces in the center were coated with the antimicrobial suspension TiTANO. The coating lasts for about one year and has proven to have a significant effect on Coronavirus. All buttons and handles are safe to touch due to the effect of the coating. Till the end of April all escalators in the building are going to be equipped with the UVC disinfection module ESCALITE. Every customer can hold the handrail without fearing an infection and therefore safely travel to each level of the mall. The center is slowly preparing for the return of the customers to create a safe and feel good environment for everyone.


Wir sind Experten für Hygienetechnologie mit der Spezialisierung auf UVC-Produkte für Fahrtreppen und antimikrobielle Beschichtungen. Zusätzlich bieten wir Technologieberatung und Bürohygiene-Workshops für Firmen an.

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