Safe to touch shopping cart handles

In our hometown Cologne you can find the first supermarket which uses our TiTANO coating to make their shopping cart handles and ec card readers safe to touch. In these difficult times they aim to provide their customers the safest grocery shopping experience possible. After closing the shopping carts were carefully cleaned and afterwards coated with TiTANO. The next day the customers could already use the freshly coated germfree shopping carts. The antimicrobial coating TiTANO has proven to have a significant effect on Coronavirus.


Wir sind Experten für Hygienetechnologie mit der Spezialisierung auf UVC-Produkte für Fahrtreppen und antimikrobielle Beschichtungen. Zusätzlich bieten wir Technologieberatung und Bürohygiene-Workshops für Firmen an.

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