Zurich Airport equips 16 escalators

Aktualisiert: Jan 5

„Safe to touch. Germfree handrails“, from now on, travelers at Zurich Airport will read this notice when stepping onto the escalators.

Due to the corona pandemic, the travel industry is endeavoring to enable its customers to travel carefree and hygienically. Zurich Airport reacted to the current situation with a well-thought-out hygiene concept. This hygiene concept, which has now been implemented, also includes germ and virus-free escalator handrails thanks to the use of ESCALITE. Zurich Airport is now taking measures to equip 16 highly frequented escalators with the patented ESCALITE modules.

Once installed in the escalator, ESCALITE kills viruses and bacteria with the help of UV-C radiation. Due to the high intensity of the radiation coming from three directions, 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses are rendered harmless with each pass of the handrail in the escalator. The ESCALITE modules were installed at the airport by thyssenkrupp and Schindler.

The use of the sustainable UV-C solution not only saves large amounts of disinfectant, but travelers can also hold onto the handrail without worrying about infection risks. In this way, falls can be avoided and travelers can start their vacation carefree.

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