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Take a deep breath in the elevator

The elevator - a lot of people, in a narrow, closed space and ventilate in the elevator is poorly possible. But there are disinfecting solutions that act like a fresh breeze through an open window.

Transportation in elevators

With 675,000 systems installed in Germany alone, the elevator is the most widespread conveyance technology for people and is used by millions/billions of people every day. On average, 8-13 passengers are transported in the cabs in a very confined space. There is only a slight exchange of air within the cabin when the elevator doors open.


Elevator infection risk

An infected person can exhale up to a hundred thousand viruses per minute. Even after a short ride by an infected passengers, there are about 200 viruses per liter in the air of an elevator. With just two breaths, the next passenger in the elevator has inhaled a viral load that can already cause an infection, according to aerosol researchers.

Air disinfection with plasma technology

With plasma technology, pathogens can be rendered harmless within approximately 0.02 seconds. The elevator car air is sucked in by the air purifier. The plasma field inside the device disinfects the air and efficiently eliminates odors. The result is germ-free air - without side effects for humans and the environment.


All-round safety in conveyor technology

In addition to air disinfection in elevators, surfaces inside the car that are often touched, such as trays and grab handles, can also be provided with antimicrobial coatings to create an all-around safe riding experience. Hygiene plays an important role not only in elevators, but also in escalators. Here, disinfecting the handrail with UV light can not only reduce the risk of infection, but also lower the risk of accidents.


Desinfected air


Plasma instead of chemistry

Made in Europe

Safety and quality


Allround suitable

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