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Einkaufszentrum mit Rolltreppen

Increase security in the shopping mall and create a shopping experience

Use innovative technology to create a memorable shopping experience for your visitors in your mall and increase their propensity to buy.

Shopping centers that already rely on UVIS technology:

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Increase security in the mall

Conveyor technology plays a crucial role in providing customers with the most pleasant and comfortable shopping experience possible in the mall. This includes ensuring that visitors can hold onto the escalator handrail without worrying about a possible infection or fall. This is where innovative technology comes into play that not only ensures cleanliness but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents on the escalators.

Festhalten am Handlauf Rolltreppe
Einkaufen im Shoppincenter

Ensure cleanliness in the mall

To round off the shopping experience, the focus should also be on the well-being of visitors. This indispensably includes the factors of cleanliness and hygiene in the shopping center. The use of germ-reducing coatings on all surfaces can support regular cleaning and thus make customers feel safe and increase their willingness to buy.

Increase the well-being of visitors

Der Einsatz innovativer Technologie sollte unbedingt kommuniziert werden! Der Besucher des Einkaufszentrums soll schließlich direkt erfahren, dass keine Mühen gescheut wurden, um die Sicherheit und Sauberkeit für ihn optimal zu gestalten. Eine gut gestaltete Kommunikationskampagne zu den Hygienemaßnahmen führt nachweislich zu einer Steigerung des Wohlbefindens der Besucher.

Frau auf Rolltreppe

Making visitors happy with technology

An independent study shows: By using the ESCALITE and TiTANO products from UVIS, the customer journey of customers in the shopping center can be positively influenced. Visitors are more satisfied with their visit to the center, perceive a higher level of cleanliness and feel increased security.


Perception of cleanliness

Sense of security

without UVIS

with UVIS Technology

Representative survey (October 2018, P956) at the "Phoenix-Center" in Hamburg-Harburg to measure satisfaction regarding the sterilization of escalator handrails.

Geschäftsführerin Tanja Zirnstein

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