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Ohne Ansteckungsgefahr Luft holen

Clean Indoor Air Without Any Risk Of Infection

Take a deep breath without worrying, even though everyone around you is sick? UVIS has the right air purification devices for every room size!

Airborne contagion

Colds are in high season, the flu epidemic is on its way - you hear this every year and there are always colleagues who come to work sick. Through droplet infection, the viruses and bacteria are generously distributed in the room, also via air-conditioning systems. Infection is pre-programmed and sick leave is high. This does not have to be the case.

Ansteckungsgefahr über Luft im Wartezimmer
Ansteckung über die Luft im Aufzug

Aerosols? No more danger!

Taking deep breaths in the lift without thinking about possible viruses in the air? Sitting in the office without catching it directly from a sick colleague? A nice idea. The small meeting or the get-together at an event, both situations in which aerosols with germs are spread via the breath. This can be avoided.

Breathe safely again

Not all areas or rooms can be ventilated through an open window. Sometimes they are closed or there are no windows, like in lifts or production halls. But in any room of any size, you can reduce the risk of infection with the optimal indoor air filters. With the help of UVC light, air filters or plasma technology, also in combination, germs in the air don have a chance to spread!

Ansteckung über die Luft im öffentlichen Bereich

Small particles - big effect

Virus-laden aerosols in closed rooms increase the risk of infection. However, the aerosol concentration in the room air is also determined by the size of the particles. Small ones stay up longer, the larger ones fall down. Simply drag the slider from left to right across the image and you will be surprised at the situation in which the smallest particles are actually emitted.




Geschäftsführerin Tanja Zirnstein

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