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Creating Ideas – Creating Change



The continuous development of technologies opens up new opportunities every day to improve products or their production flow. Known processes should be regularly rethought and adapted to the latest developments in order to reflect the current state of the art and lead to further progress. In our consulting process, we support you with comprehensive know-how in the field of hygiene technology, such as UVC-light, plasma, Far UVC light or catalytically active systems. We help you to be one step ahead of the competition and to tailor a new product to your hygienic requirements or rethink your existing product. Together we explore the technology potentials and help to make your existing disinfection process more sustainable and cost-saving.

Office Hygiene Workshops

Office Hygiene Worksho

As the world continues to change, so does the work environment. Open-plan offices are on the rise, the "clean desk policy" is making its way into many offices, or work is being done in a home office. The new working environments often involve the efficient accommodation of many people in a much smaller space. Here the factor "hygiene" becomes more and more important and wants to be maintained together to prevent waves of infections in the company. With our digital or analog office hygiene workshops we support you in building a healthy and productive working environment according to plan.

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