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Rethinking Office Hygiene


We show you how to enhance office hygiene and thereby avoid unnecessary sick days at the same time. Hygiene in the office is an important factor to support your employees’ health and satisfaction.

However, according to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 50 percent of employees still go to work despite illness and thus endanger not only their own health but also that of their colleagues. Many are unaware of the infection traps lurking at the office. The trigger is usually a lack of hand hygiene as, according to WHO, 80 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted via hands and germs can be spread throughout the office. One reason for this: 92 percent of the population do not wash their hands "properly", as an observational study by the SRH Heidelberg showed. And the result of this lack of hygiene is a loss of around 12.6 billion euros for the German economy, according to studies. However, this damage can be avoided by making the issue of hygiene in the office a top priority and management task.

Inklusives Workshop Konzept mit UVIS

Individual Concepts

Zufriedenheit der Mitrbeiter mit UVIS Bürohygiene Workshops steigern

Happy Employees

Gesunde Mitarbeier mit Büro Hygiene Workshops von UVIS

Healthy Employees

Krankheitskosten mit Büro Hygiene Workshops von UVIS senken

Lower Sickness Costs

Our workshops raise awareness to the importance of hygiene and equip your employees with strategies to prevent infection and promote a healthy cooperation among everyone in the office. We enable every participant to think creatively of ways to promote hygiene and develop a concept for himself and his co-workers.

Workplace Hygiene

Our office hygiene workshop focuses on different areas in a working environment. Hygiene wise it can be very challenging to work in an open space office. The tea kitchen is also a well-known germ hotspot, as well as meeting rooms used by many different people a day. A company’s rest rooms can be typical problem areas and one should also consider the car pool when setting up a hygiene strategy. Not to forget the employer’s home, which is also in the hygiene responsibility of the company, when used as a home office. Implementing simple rules all of those problem areas can be turned into feel-good factor boosters.

How It Works

Our digital workshops on hygiene can help reduce the risk of infection in working areas. In short keynote lectures or workshop sessions up to four hours your employees will be taught on the correct hand hygiene, individual hygiene problem areas in the working environment will be defined and practical tips and tricks will be given to improve hygiene at the office or at home. Apart from knowledge transfer we inspire your employees to become ambassadors for hygiene.


Our Workshops


Interactive, digital keynote regarding hand hygiene.

€ 499*

30 minutes duration

Live keynote

Training set hand disinfection 

per participant

Up to 20 participants


Digital introduction to the topic of office hygiene with interactive training

€ 699*

60 minutes duration

Live workshop

Training set hand disinfection 

per participant

Info sheet 10 Tipps for more office hygiene

Up to 20 participants


Intensive, digital Workshop regarding office hygiene using an online collaboration tool 

€ 1,799*

4 hours duration

Live workshop with online collaboration tool

Training set hand disinfection per participant

Info sheet 10 Tipps for more office hygiene

Goodie bag

Up to 20 participants



* All prices are excluding taxes. The goodie bags and training sets will be sent to one central chosen address. Shipping costs may vary depending on the destination country.

You would like to learn more about our workshops or you are interested in an in house workshop at your office? Get in touch with us and let our team advise you on which workshop fits you the best.

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