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Hygiene in der Nutztierhaltung

We close your hygiene gap - New technologies for individual hygiene solutions

Whether in farm animal husbandry, in the production process or in the office, the UVIS hygiene experts will work with you to find the optimum disinfection technology for your company.

In the market jungle of disinfection

UV lamps, UV LEDs, plasma, Far-UVC, filters, coating, ozone - Keeping track of the market is not easy with the new technologies for disinfection and hygiene. What is just the best solution? This is very individual and depends on the requirements in the company. Is it surfaces and the air in offices or individual steps in the complex production process, such as in the area of food or medical products, that need to be disinfected?

UVC Technologie in der Lebensmittelindustrie
Hygiene in der Bäckerei

New technologies for disinfection

As a company, you always have to face new challenges and then find individual solutions as quickly as possible, also in the area of hygiene and disinfection. Then it's a matter of obtaining a comprehensive overview, analyzing the requirements and adapting solutions individually. It helps to have the right partner with disinfection know-how at your side to find the optimal solution.

Technology consulting

Passing on knowledge in the field of hygiene and disinfection and thus ensuring hygiene standards such as in food processing can already be done on a small scale in the form of hygiene training for new colleagues. To pass on the broad knowledge with regard to new technologies, such as disinfection with plasma, UVC or Far-UVC, scientific findings as well as the latest market developments and trends, and to develop individual solution approaches from this, is the freestyle. UVIS is the competent partner at your side.

Hygiene in Produktionsanlagen

In just a few steps to a custom-fit, technical solution

We create customized, technology-based hygiene products for you. We help identify the right technology and develop a solution that perfectly fits your hygienic requirements.

Project planning

1. Project goal and concrete application are defined jointly by UVIS and the customer.

Geschäftsführerin Tanja Zirnstein

Let's get in touch!

Make an appointment for a free consultation on our ESCALITE product with one of our hygiene experts.

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