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Safe To Touch – Germfree Surfaces



The sustainable coating TiTANO contains an antibacterial agent that inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow on surfaces. The coating can quickly be applied by authorized personal via electrospray technique onto almost every surface after thoroughly cleaning the surface. TiTANO provides a long lasting protection against years, moulds, bacteria and the Coronavirus. It also has a significant effect on norovirus. Using TiTANO a germ reduction rate of up to 99.99% is achieved. The coating ensures a constant surface hygiene at all times. Through its absorbent effect it can reduce smells as well. TiTANO is universally applicable and does not include organic solvents.

99,99 Keimreduktion mit TiTANO

99,99% Germ reduction in one hour


Usable for all surfaces

Gesteigerte Sicherheit mit Titano

Increased safety

Zufrieden Kunden mit TiTANO

Happy customers

Application Areas

TiTANO is the ideal addition for hygienically sensible areas, which are never or rarely cleaned and difficult to access (e.g. creasings or joints on a keyboard). Further, it adds a function to prohibit the growth of microorganisms (bacteria, funghi, mold) on the surface. It can be used on various surfaces e.g. stop buttons in busses, elevator panels, handles, car interior or in air condition systems.

How It Works

TiTANO is based on a suspension consisting of water (98%) and Titandioxid (2%). The hydrophilic characteristic of the coating stops germs from being transmitted into the air and the cationic character of the TiO2 leads to a structural change of the outer membrane and therefore to the death of microorganisms. With its antibacterial function, TiTANO enhances the overall hygiene of its surroundings 24/7. It is colorless and completely odour free.

TiTANO is the ideal addition to the existing cleaning process as it perpetuates the cleaning outcome and has a dependable performance without extra payroll costs for additional cleaning personal. TiTANO is already being used in the gastronomy, the HACCP food industry, public institutions and the health sector

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Our Service

Do you also want to feel safer from all kinds of germs in your environment? Then take advantage of our TiTANO coating service. We coat your surfaces quickly and efficiently, by appointment, directly on your premises - whether door handles, handrails, office workplaces, operating elements in lifts or entire buses and trains.

Due to its active principle, the coating continuously contributes to a reduction of the germ population and prevents its critical spread. At the same time, TiTANO was certified with the Dermatest test seal and rated "very good" in clinical dermatological tests.


The coating is abrasion-resistant, lasts for about one year depending on the use and should be refreshed afterwards. Contact us and benefit from a more hygienic environment!

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