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Traveling safely – Zurich Airport has already installed ESCALITE in some escalators and is gradually equipping the others as well. This means that germs, such as contagious viruses and bacteria, do not travel automatically with you.



Trade Fair

Where the world meets - You can really say that about Messe Frankfurt and to prevent germs from all over the world from spreading unhindered, the escalators in the Congress Center have been equipped with ESCALITE.



Concert Hall

Off to a germ-free cultural experience in Hamburg – thanks to ESCALITE, visitors to the Elbphilharmonie can feel doubly safe on the 82-meter-long arched escalator “The Tube” – safe from falls and from germs.

Customer Selection

In Europe and worldwide we are already represented with our products and customers trust our expertise in the field of hygiene. The disinfection of surfaces and air in a wide range of industries and sectors using coating, Palsma and UVC technology is our core competence.



Subway Station

The MVG (Münchener Verkehrs-gesellschaft) is a pioneer in local public transport. The first ESCALITE modules were installed in a pilot project back in 2016. Six escalators at Marienplatz are now equipped.



Luxury Boutique

High Hygiene in High Fashion - Quality and safety at the highest level! This is the view of a high fashion label from Paris, which has installed the ESCALITE module in the escalators for the safety of their customers and employees.




Quality and safety go hand in hand - This is not only true for the new cars that are handed out to the lucky owners in the Autostadt, but also for the visitors, because ESCALITE can also be found in Wolfsburg.

Geschäftsführerin Tanja Zirnstein

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