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Rolltreppe am Flughafen

Save and healthy on the move, near or far

People travel and germs travel with them, in buses and trains or by plane around the world. The hygiene experts at UVIS show how to minimize the risk of infection in transport.

Risk of infection when traveling

We all use buses and trains to get from A to B quickly or travel far away by plane. Even after the pandemic, train stations and airports or means of transportation such as buses, trains or airplanes pose an increased risk of infection for passengers. After all, millions of people are transported at these transport hubs every day, and germs travel with them.


Making travel sustainably safe

Wie kann das Reisen nachhaltig sicherer werden? Ganz einfach – durch den gezielten Einsatz von innovativer Technologie. Oberflächen wie Handläufe oder Haltestangen im ÖPNV können durch Beschichtungen dauerhaft und ohne Zusatzaufwand auch bei viel Verkehrsaufwand keimfrei gehalten werden. Im Bereich der Rolltreppen kann UVC-Technologie zum Einsatz kommen, um den Handlauf kontinuierlich zu desinfizieren und Reisende sicher zu befördern.

Meet your operator responsibility

Part of the operator's responsibility in public transport, as well as at train stations and airports, is safe passenger transport. This includes not exposing visitors to an increased risk of infection during their journey. The operator's responsibility can be met by using antimicrobial coating or UVC technology. At the same time, chemical liquid disinfectants can be saved and thus disinfected more sustainably.

Festhalten am Handlauf

Transport operators that already rely on UVIS

Reduction of the risk of infection in DB Regio's public transport vehicles in NRW.

Geschäftsführerin Tanja Zirnstein

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