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Air Purifiers with Plasma Technology

Conventional ventilation is not possible, as in open-plan offices, elevators or clinics? Then plasma air purification devices can be an efficient and chemical-free solution.

What Is Plasma

Plasma is also defined as the fourth state of matter besides solid, liquid and gas. When energy is added to a gas, it becomes plasma. The result is positively charged ions surrounded by free electrons. Simply described, plasma is a type of electrically conductive gas. Plasma attacks cell walls, proteins and DNA of microorganisms.


Advantages of Plasma

Plasma can destroy the smallest particles and pathogens in a fraction of a second. Plasma technology is particularly suitable for the disinfection of air, as not only germs are rendered harmless, but also odors and allergens are eliminated. The device works without chemicals, requires little maintenance, has low power consumption and no additional consumables are required for operation.

Plasma devices for air purification are used, for example, to clean and disinfect air in elevators. The cabin air is sucked in by the plasma unit and passed through the plasma field inside. The air is thus disinfected and odors and allergens are additionally eliminated. The result is germ-free air - without side effects for humans and the environment.


Areas of Application

How does plasma air purification work?

The ambient air is drawn in by the plasma air purifier through a fan and passed by the low-energy plasma field coils. The cell wall of the microorganisms is deformed and weakened by the electromagnetic field generated by the device. The cell wall is destroyed by the simultaneous electron bombardment and the genetic material is completely destroyed by the subsequent photon irradiation.

plasma coils
Bombardment with charged particles
Osmotic pressure
Complete destruction of airborne pathogens
Geschäftsführerin Tanja Zirnstein

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