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Using Technology To Improve Hygiene

Menschen reisen und Keime verbreiten sich schnell

People Travel

Since medieval times epidemics have been threatening mankind. In fact, in a globalized and modern world epidemics are more topical than ever  – as the current situation with the Coronavirus shows. People from everywhere travel, mingle, leave their invisible marks – increasing infection rates profoundly...

Petrischale mit Keimen jeglicher Art

Germs Multiply Quickly

Germs and viruses have many ways to spread and breed. Microscopic disease-makers travel the world with us like stowaways. But how to stem potential sources of infection, and thus enhance the well-being of all of up - especially in urban spaces?


Enhanced hygiene through technology

UVC technology

UVC light is a cold and short-waved radiation, which inactivates microbes within seconds. There are no chemicals involved in the disinfection process.

  • Rapid disinfection

  • No chemicals

  • Cold radiation

  • No remainder

Our product ESCALITE ® uses UVC technology to reduce escalator handrail germs by 99,99%.

UVC Licht und Techologie
UVC Light
Antibacterial Coating

Antibacterial coating

Antibacterial coatings provide a long lasting protection for various surfaces against viruses, funghi, mold and bacteria. The coating contains an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface of a material.


  • Constant reduction of germs

  • Easy to apply

  • Suitable for all surfaces

  • Does not alter surface design & feel


TiTANO ® is an antibacterial coating which enhances surface hygiene in various applications.

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