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Breathe safely in the elevator


ELEVATAIR provides building operators with a plasma room air purifier that can be very easily installed in existing elevator systems of all manufacturers and in all rooms. Germs of all kinds, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as fine dust and pollen, are efficiently destroyed almost silently without chemicals or other waste products. Unpleasant odors and volatile organic compounds can also be eliminated. Within two and a half minutes, the air of a standard cubicle is completely purified, or within approximately fifteen minutes, an office space of 24 square meters.


This protects elevator users and employees in office spaces, saves costs and meets ESG criteria.


99,99% Germfree Cabin Air


Medical Product


Low Noise


Plug & Play

How It Works

The room air is sucked in by the ELEVATAIR and passed by a low-energy plasma field. This plasma field destroys pollutants at the DNA level and effectively eliminates odors such as smoke or sweat - without any side effects for humans or the environment. This is why the device is also approved as a medical device for hospitals, surgery and intensive care.

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In a modern design - with matte white powder coating or individual look and branding - the room air purifier can remove all pathogens, odors, pollen and fine dust from the elevator air in safe continuous operation (24/7), whether in power or whisper mode.


The unit is manufactured in Europe and comes with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty. For a smooth installation and, if necessary, quick troubleshooting, the assembly, as well as the spare parts and repair service is carried out in Germany.


With CE marking and thanks to the effective elimination of germs and odors without side effects, the room air purifier can also be used in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

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