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2021 – A year on course for growth

And here we go again... 2021 is history. We all thought, "It's going to be a little quieter again this year. Things are back on track for everyone." Far from it! It was up and down again in 2021. The numbers go down, the numbers go up. Everyone is calling for vaccines, vaccination readiness is going down the tubes. And right now, we are in "soft lockdown" to contain the current Omicron variant. Hopefully successful!

But also for UVIS it was an up and down. The interest is high, the inquiries and orders come in large numbers, or stagnated in the summer because "you want to wait and see"... We did not wait this year, but for us 2021 was all about growth. ;-)

The UVIS team has grown. There are three new colleagues in the sales team who are fully committed to ensuring that we remain successful and who work tirelessly to convince potential customers that waiting is not the best strategy in a pandemic. And it doesn't always have to be the coronavirus that cripples you. A wave of gastrointestinal infections thanks to a norovirus or E.coli bacterium is something you can well do without.

Sales colleagues were also successful with many customers. The #Germbuster team was in action all over Germany and, for example, visited shopping centres such as the “Europapassage” in

Hamburg or the Designer Outlet in Wolfsburg, made even safer against bacteria and viruses with the TiTANO coating. Workplaces in many office buildings have also been made even safer for employees, with door handles, railings, elevators and, in some places, desks coated with TiTANO.

Safety on German and international escalators is becoming increasingly important. Through our partners KONE, TK Fahrtreppen or Hoffmann Motion, numerous companies, such as the “Anger 1” shopping centre in Erfurt or the Frankfurt transport company, have relied on the additional safety for their customers by including our UVC disinfection module ESCALITE into their escalators - protection against germs and infection as well as possible injuries from a fall.

A new UVC baby

Then, in early summer, our first 2021 baby came to UVIS. With the UVC handheld unit "SOLUVA" we were able to successfully expand our product portfolio.

This means that disinfection with UVC light is now no longer only possible on a stationary basis, as in medicine or industry, but can be used broadly in many different sectors. Not all surfaces or materials can be treated with conventional liquid disinfectants, such as sensitive electronic devices or fine upholstery fabrics. Hotels, restaurants, retail or office communities can ensure that everything is free of viruses and bacteria.

A baby

A completely new challenge for UVIS, however, was that Tanja and her husband became parents in the fall. The joy was and is great, but the time without Tanja in the daily work routine had to be prepared well and her knowledge and competence had to be absorbed to some extent. Katharina, with the help of the team, succeeded quite well and in the meantime the mummy can be seen again daily with her "first baby" UVIS - even if only virtually.

The last two years have shown that standing still and waiting has never been a good strategy. Only constant further development and the view forward into and for a safe future, put us all on safe legs. With this in mind, we are very excited to see what steps lie ahead for us at UVIS in 2022.

Photo credit: Heraeus

Published: 7. January 2022

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