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Deutsche Bahn starts TiTANO® pilot

Deutsche Bahn, as the biggest provider for bus service in Germany, is now testing the TiTANO coating in their vehicle fleet in Dormagen: contact surfaes in the busses are being sprayed with antimicrobial coating to minimize the accumulation of bacteria and viruses.

Pilot project in Dormagen

All contact surfaces in twelve busses of the BVR (Buss transport Rhineland), which are on duty in the city of Dormagen, have been coated with TiTANO. The coating has an antimicrobial effect meaning it is antibacterial and antiviral. It prohibits the growth of bacteria mold and viruses like the norovirus or the coronavirus. With the application of the coating a verifiable germ reduction rate of 90 % is achieved. The coating has been applied on all surfaces which are touched by passengers or the bus driver like grip bars, loops to hold an, stop buttons and the steering wheel.

TiTANO is transparent and free from solvents. It protects the surface up to twelve month from germs. TiTANO ensures a permanent surface hygiene and therefore provides enhanced safety for passengers and bus drivers.

How TiTANO works?

The TiTANO surface technology is a water based (98%), odor free and transparent suspension with titanium dioxide (TiO2) (2%). The positively charged surface of the coating absorbs germs from the air. By touching the coating the outer membrane of the germs is altered and therefore the germs die off. TiTANO is used in other industries like the gastronomy, food industry, public institutions or the health sector. Skin contact with the coating is proofed to be harmless. A possible, allergic potential can therefore we ruled out.

Publication date: 26 June 2020


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