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ESCALITE makes Christmas shopping at the Neumarkt Galerie safe

Everything has been different for months, thanks to Corona. At least we all want to celebrate Christmas a little like every year. A Christmas tree, delicious food with the close family and of course presents. But, how unsafe is it to go shopping in the city these times to get presents? Rather shop online, but endanger the retail trade?

To make pre-Christmas shopping in Cologne city centre a little safer, the Neumarkt Galerie has upgraded its escalators. These have been equipped with our ESCALITE UVC modules on 19 November, and to ensure that as many people as possible know about this quickly, we invited the press to be present during installation - with an extremely positive response. The WDR Lokalzeit, RTL, Sat1 NRW, Radio Cologne, the KStA, the BILD-Zeitung and the Express Cologne were partly live onsite and some of them were already present from 06:30 in the morning. The technicians started even earlier, namely at 04:00 am. This way they could ensure that everything was running smoothly until 10:00 am, when the shops opened and the first customers streamed into the Neumarkt Galerie.

Now the customers can see the round UVIS stickers "Safe to touch, germ-free handrails" at the beginning and end of the two escalators, because they are not entirely harmless. Carelessness can cause escalator users to stumble and then cause painful injuries. However, many people are reluctant to touch the handrails because they suspect that they are carrying a large number of infectious germs - rightly so.

These concerns are now unfounded on the escalators of the Neumarkt Galerie. ESCALITE uses UVC radiation to reliably kill viruses and bacteria on the handrails. Due to the high intensity of the radiation, up to 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses are demonstrably rendered harmless with every pass of the handrail in the escalator - including the corona virus, which is just about to become so widespread.

The manufacturer KONE was responsible for the professional installation.

Here are some of the press clippings:

WDR Lokalzeit:

Sat1 NRW:

Kölner Stadtanzeiger:

Express Köln:

BILD Köln:

Radio Köln:

Radio Erft:

Published: 20. November 2020

Photocredit: KONE GmbH


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