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Falls on Tube escalators in London rise due to fear of Corona infection

The importance of always holding onto escalator handrails is illustrated by recent accident figures from the London Underground.

For more than a year and a half, the coronavirus has kept us on our toes worldwide. Everyone is afraid of catching it and becoming seriously ill. The British, among others, have been particularly affected, with very high infection rates.

The fear of infection and a subsequent possible lockdown now culminates in the latest figures announced by the operators of the London Underground. Twelve deaths or serious injuries were reported on the tube and twenty-three on buses between April and June. This was more accidents than the year before. London Underground managing director Andy Lord additionally explained that falls from escalators were "our biggest risk in terms of passenger injuries".

Fear of contracting covid through shared "touch points" on public transport was also a major concern in London. This makes it even more important to counteract with appropriate measures, such as DB Regio or AKN in Germany did, which had their trains coated with TiTANO.

In London, an intensive cleaning regime with anti-viral fluids was introduced and repeated tests by experts from Imperial College London found no traces of Covid. In addition, escalators have been equipped with UVC disinfection modules, such as ESCALITE, to ensure that handrails are germ-free. This will be extended by the end of the year.



Alexander London on

Published: 22. September 2021


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