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Risk of infection in hotels and restaurants? Not with UVIS Air!

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in the past two years. Especially the hotel and restaurant industry was affected. Not only the loss of revenue due to forced closures during the lockdowns is still being felt, but also the current staff shortage. Everyone is glad that restaurant visits, private gatherings and meetings are now possible again. But a residual risk remains, as the infection numbers move on a steady up and down cycle. Everyone agrees that the summer wave is here and the fall wave is sure to come. But with UVIS Air, the hotel industry now has something to counteract this.

We have earned a piece of normality this summer. That's what many think and the travel numbers are increasing rapidly. Flights, hotels and apartments have been booked up for a long time. Even those who are not going away are treating themselves to a little something and so the tables in restaurants are full again. Distance regulations and mask obligation are also invalid. So, everything as before... – if there were not the rising infection figures, and that, in contrast to the past years, already in summer!

Gastronomy and hotel industry play it safe

In order to prevent weak guest numbers and to give customers an absolutely safe feeling, hotels and restaurants are already gearing up to counter the summer Corona wave and to be optimally prepared for the autumn wave. Because the transmission of the virus through the air in the form of aerosols, can be counteracted even without a mask.

There are many situations in hotels and restaurants in which confidential conversation situations arise – at check-in, in meetings or in the restaurant at the business lunch or the romantic dinner. However, with the newly gained freedom to be in closed rooms without masks, the risk of infection cannot be completely avoided. To be safe from infection here, "UVIS Air" is used for air disinfection. The handy and quiet tabletop device can be set up anywhere where it is difficult to keep enough distance.

A pioneer in this field is the Radission Blu Airport Hotel in Hamburg. Here, several UVIS Air units are already in use in the conference rooms, restaurant and reception. This gives guests and staff additional protection against infection.

Highly efficient disinfection with UVC light

Placed in the center of the table, the device draws in the ambient air, guides it past the UVC lamp and releases it at the top, 99.99 percent germ-free. The light from the lamp completely inactivates the DNA or RNA of the germs, rendering them harmless. At the same time, a bell-shaped protective space of fresh air is created.

The sustainable disinfection method with UVC light has been used in the food and medical industries for a long time and the effect has been proven by numerous studies.

UVIS Air – mobile use

Even if there is no power outlet in the immediate vicinity, the discreet device for air disinfection can be operated. Connected to the power bank, UVIS Air can be placed on or close to the table in a restaurant, ensuring that germs in the air don't stand a chance. The low noise level - like rustling leaves at level two - also doesn't interfere with confidential conversation situations. Likewise, meetings in small groups are no problem thanks to UVC disinfection, even without a mask.

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Published on: 2. August 2022


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