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Rapid Rise in Global Demand

For quite some time our ESCALITE UVC disinfection modules are used to ensure a maximum level of safety and hygiene on escalators. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic we are facing a rapid rise in global demand for ESCALITE. Nowadays it is more important than ever to guarantee a smoothly and efficient process from production to the implementation of the UVC modules. UVIS stands for products made in Germany!

We work hand in hand with leading escalator manufacturers and service companies worldwide to equip as many escalators in a short period of time.

Our modules are installed in escalators all around the globe, from Singapore to Melbourne in shopping malls, public transport stations and clinics. Those institutions use ESCALITE to fight the coronavirus and make public spaces safe again.

ESCALITE uses custom made UVC longlife lamps which inactive viruses, bacteria and mold reliably. Those lamps have been field tested for years in other highly hygienically sensible areas like the food industry. Combined with the chosen electronic ballast a maximum lifespan of the lamps and an optimal UV-disinfection effect is guaranteed. Our product is on the market for some years and is locally manufactured in Germany.


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