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RS virus causes state of emergency in children's hospitals - Hygiene in day-care is essential

Actually, it is "only" a severe cold and an infection is usually harmless for young children, but not this year. The respiratory syncytial (RS) virus is rampant and already causing bottlenecks in children's hospitals all over Germany.

Cold symptoms such as dry cough, runny nose, sneezing and sore throat in the dear little ones can indicate the RS virus. But this is usually no reason to panic because every child goes through the infection in the first or second year of life with a fairly harmless course. Only if the infection spreads to the bronchial tubes and the lungs can a hospital stay possibly become necessary.

Early infection peak

Most people in Europe contract the RS virus between November and April, most frequently in January and February. And that is what makes the situation so precarious at the moment, because the infection figures are already so high that the children's hospitals in most regions of Germany are already at the edge of their capacities.

The reason for this is a lack of nest protection. Due to lockdown, masks and distance regulations, babies and their mothers have not encountered the virus during pregnancy and the immune system could not be stimulated. The result - a particularly large & early wave of infection already this year.

Hygiene is the key

The virus is transmitted by droplet or smear infection, so hygiene is the best measure in the fight against the virus. Regular hand washing or sneezing and coughing into the crook of the arm can help contain the spread. However, extra caution is needed, especially in the crèche or kindergarten, because the virus can also spread rapidly via door handles, railings on stairs or toys.

To avoid having to constantly disinfect these areas and every toy, antibacterial coatings such as TiTANO can continuously reduce the germs on the surfaces and thus additionally prevent new infections.

We have all been exposed to fewer germs in recent months through spacing and masks, so the prognosis for this winter is not particularly rosy in terms of cold and flu viruses either. This makes it all the more important to implement hygiene measures consistently to prevent a viral infection, be it corona or a supposedly "harmless" cold.

Photo credit: FeeLoona @pixabay

Published on: 29. November 2021


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