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Soluva mobile UVC device now available in the brand new UVIS online shop

Light against germs - effective surface disinfection can be this simple and fast.

The fact that UVC radiation has a lethal effect on all kinds of germs is not new. For decades, the highly energetic light has been used by industry and also in medicine for the efficient disinfection of surfaces, air and water. In the food industry, it is used to sterilise packaging before it is filled with food, and UVC light is also used in the healthcare sector to sterilise medical equipment and instruments. Why can't this also be done in other areas?

It can be, but so far only in permanently installed equipment such as ventilation systems or disinfection units that sterilise, for example, an surgery room over a longer period of time. Conventional surfaces in public areas such as offices, restaurants or doctors' surgeries could not be disinfected with the use of UVC radiation until now. This is now different. With the new UVC device "Soluva Zone H", UVIS makes mobile surface disinfection universally applicable for all sectors - at the push of a button, without chemicals, without cables.

Soluva uses UVC radiation to remove up to 99.9999 percent[1] of all germs such as bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, from surfaces irradiated with UVC light within seconds.

Disinfection with UVC light

Disinfection with UVC light has an antimicrobial, i.e. antibacterial and antiviral, effect against all kinds of germs, such as yeasts, moulds, bacteria and viruses - including the norovirus and the coronavirus. The UVC radiation is artificially generated by the lamp of the device and radiated onto the target surfaces. The DNA or RNA of the germs is completely inactivated by the UVC radiation. This renders them harmless. With the power of light, a disinfection of up to 99.9999 percent is achieved within seconds.

Universally applicable

Soluva can be used in many different areas. Wherever many people touch surfaces and conventional disinfectants reach their limits, disinfection with UVC light is the best alternative. These areas can be, for example, coworking spaces and doctors' surgeries, hotel rooms and restaurants, retail shops and fitness studios or even museums, galleries and theatres.

Surfaces that were previously out of the question for conventional disinfection can also be disinfected with UVC radiation – dry, without chemicals and sustainably. Electronic devices, such as keyboards, or natural materials, such as leather or wood, which should not come into contact with liquid disinfectant, can also be disinfected in this way.

Sustainability in mind

Disinfection with UVC radiation not only allows all surfaces to be disinfected that were previously out of the question, but also protects the environment at the same time. The use of liquid chemical disinfectants or wipes as well as considerable costs can be significantly reduced.

Concentrated UVC power against germs

LIGHT AGAINST GERMS – under this motto UVIS has entered into a cooperation with the German manufacturer Heraeus. Within the framework of this cooperation, special UVIS sets have been developed, which make the regular use of "Soluva® Zone H" easier and even more efficient for users by means of coordinated accessories, such as a transport case or an additional battery.

These UVIS sets can be purchased exclusively in the brand new Soluva online shop, including the usual UVIS customer service and of course at attractive prices, just like the manufacturer. In addition, UVIS offers customised communication concepts to promote the use of Soluva.

Visit to snap up yourself a Soluva UVC device.

Published: 14. July 2021


[1] University Hospital Tübingen proves 6-log inactivation of corona virus


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