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We for you - united against Corona

In 2010, when the swine flu was rampant, our idea was born. At that time we asked ourselves: "Which surfaces make us particularly disgusted to touch?“ These were clearly escalator handrails, as they are one of the ten most common sources of infections in public spaces. With our invention, the UVC disinfection module ESCALITE, we wanted to contribute to people's health. Over the years, we have developed this idea further and expanded our portfolio to include the TiTANO surface coating as well as hygiene workshops and hygiene consulting. Nobody could have guessed at that time that our basic idea would one day develop in this way and become so relevant in our modern times.

AHA – distance, hygiene, everyday mask – that is the rule that everyone should have internalised by now. But what about surfaces that we touch every day? Do we have to live our lives with disinfectant wipes and soap in our hands all the time? The hygiene requirements have changed dramatically - from "nice to have" to "must have" - across all industries. While the big supermarket chains still hired extra staff in spring to disinfect the handles of shopping trolleys and thus give their customers the feeling of safety, you rarely see these little helpers anymore. We are lulling ourselves into a sense of security - a deceptive one, as the increasing infection figures show.

Restaurants, shops, public transport, cultural sites, employers - everyone is affected. Nobody wants to give guests or colleagues a bad feeling. Nobody can get past a comprehensive hygiene concept to ensure that life can get back on track for everyone. It is important to convey a sense of security to everyone involved. "If you come to us, you can't get infected", but this can only be done together.

Partition walls in pubs and restaurants, protection at counters or in cash desk areas, disinfection stations at shop entrances are just some of the hygiene measures that have been introduced in public life. But it depends on each individual! Only if everyone wears everyday masks and - most importantly - keeps a proper distance, we can prevent the corona virus from spreading unhindered.

As well UVIS can also help to contain the virus:

Thanks to the ESCALITE UVC module, escalator users in shopping centres, airports or on the underground do not have to worry about germs anymore. They can now hold on to the handrail again without hesitation to prevent falls. Concealed inside the escalator, the UVC radiation destroys the DNA of the micro-organisms and thus makes them harmless to humans.

It is also becoming increasingly safe in public buildings or when using public transport. Thanks to the TiTANO surface coating, germs and viruses have no chance here. Applied in lifts, operating elements can be used again without the thought "Who has pressed the button today?” Likewise, handrails on stairs or handrails and handles in buses and trains can be touched safely. TiTANO is applied to surfaces as a fine spray mist and thus protects against germs and viruses. The coating is resistant to abrasion, so there is no need to worry about having it on the hands. The coating stays on for about one year and should be renewed afterwards.

However, the main transmission channel for infections is still the human being. That is why hygiene rules are essential in contact with each other. But do we really know all possible sources? Are we even aware of the germ hotspots at home or in the office? The public toilet is considered unhygienic. But how about our desks, in the tea kitchen or in company cars that everyone uses? In our workshops we explain where small traps are located and what individual hygiene needs there might be among colleagues. We then work out together which measures each person can take individually - for example, proper hand washing - and which solutions need to be tackled in a more general way. In this way the office also becomes a safe place.

But there is more. Our UVC module or surface coating may not be the right solution everywhere. What else is on the market, what is the right disinfection technology for my company? We know the industry, do research for our customers and find the right lid for the pot. Equally exciting are new technologies that we can help to ensure that they fit successfully into the market. What needs to be thought of, who to contact, is also part of our consultancy.

Publication date: 27 October 2020


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