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Back to the office? Safe only!

The question of whether employees should come back to the office or continue to be allowed to work "remotely" has been dividing the working world for months. However, this should not only be considered from the point of view of feasibility or control, but the health and safety of the employees must be in focus. If new employees are already familiarised with internal hygiene standards during onboarding and if there are reliable, sustainable disinfection devices for surfaces and air, then everyone will be happy to come back to the office! We will show what is feasible at "Zukunft Personal Europe" from 13 to 15 September 2022 at the Cologne Exhibition Centre.

Home office, office or both? Everyone has developed their preferences in recent years. But not everyone is always free to choose. But it's not just the "duty" of having to go back to the office that bothers some people, but the alleged risk of catching a disease, be it Corona, flu or a common cold. The pandemic has made us sensitive in this respect. Employers are well prepared, having already initiated health measures in the summer that will take effect in the autumn.

Onboarding hygiene workshops

It is important for all new employees to familiarise themselves with the internal rules and standards, also with regard to hygiene in the office. The best introduction here can be an initial hygiene workshop in which colleagues are sensitised to small hygiene traps such as the pantry and weak points such as their own desks are identified. This way, you not only get to know each other, but can also prevent possible sources of infection.

Breathe safely – even in autumn and winter

However, many people are worried about the outlook for autumn. Mandatory masks and lockdowns are already being discussed again, although so much has already been done in terms of hygiene. In order to avoid staff absences and to maintain the health of one's own employees, small, mobile air disinfection units can be a solution in small offices where several people sit together. It is not always necessary to upgrade the entire ventilation system at great expense. With UVIS Air on your desk, you can breathe safely again. The air is continuously disinfected with UVC light so that germs of any kind have no chance to spread.

Sustainable surface disinfection

However, germs are not only spread via the air, but also readily via surfaces, as smear infections. For example, many people underestimate the number of infectious germs on their own desk. This is up to 500 times higher than in public toilets – who would have thought that? Regular cleaning and disinfection are therefore advisable. But the consumption of disinfectants and wipes has increased exponentially since Corona. This significantly reduces the environmental footprint of companies. Many are therefore already using alternative technologies for surface disinfection. For example, UVIS Surface uses UVC rays to eliminate all germs within a few seconds, even on sensitive surfaces or electrical appliances, or the antimicrobial coating TiTANO, which continuously reduces the number of germs on surfaces.

If you would like to talk to us personally about the various disinfection technologies and the office hygiene workshops, you can meet us at “Zukunft Personal Europe” from 13 to 15 September in hall 4.2 SUV at stand "F.36".

For a free day ticket, please contact us at We will then send you a voucher code.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Published: 30 August 2022


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