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#Coronatired? – Keeping up with the right hygiene measures

No one can hear the words germs, germ-free, hygiene or prevention anymore, let alone mask, distance and corona. But can we afford to ignore these words and the necessary measures associated with them? Probably not, because if we are too casual about it, there will be immediate consequences for us and those around us. The pandemic has changed us, the way we treat each other and the demands we make on cleanliness and hygiene. Even if it's annoying, now it's time to persevere!

The current infection figures and hospitalisation rates show it clearly - the pandemic is not over yet. But not only are corona infections on the rise, so are flu and common colds, and they remain stubbornly high. Last autumn, when everyone was still paying more attention to hand hygiene and wearing masks, the numbers were much lower. This makes it all the more important to continue to implement comprehensive hygiene measures for the benefit of your staff and customers. Only with consistency can viruses be contained.

These can be small measures such as online hygiene training, in which germ traps are revealed and proper hand washing is practised, or the antimicrobial TiTANO coating on railings, handrails and operating elements in lifts or even entire trains. On all surfaces in public areas that either cannot be disinfected at short notice regularly or are difficult to access, germs can be significantly reduced in this way. Mobile disinfection solutions, such as the UVC handheld device "Soluva Zone H", which eliminates up to 99.999 percent of all germs within seconds, can also complement existing hygiene concepts, for example in hotels and restaurants, and thus contribute to making these areas even safer.

All conceivable measures – distance, mask, hand washing, disinfection of surfaces and, last but not least, vaccination - must now mesh to avoid another lockdown.

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Published: 15. November 2021


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