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Safe Christmas shopping - protection against viruses and bacteria thanks to TiTANO and ESCALITE

For the second year running, the Corona pandemic is causing significant restrictions on the pre-Christmas shopping experience. Retailers are doing everything possible to avoid another lockdown and to reassure their customers that there is as little risk of infection as possible when shopping. However, not all areas and surfaces that are touched by many people every day in shopping or city centres can be disinfected of bacteria and viruses all the time. Clearly at an advantage are shops that use innovative hygiene technologies such as antimicrobial coatings or UVC disinfection.

A lot has been done by retailers since the first lockdown to give their customers a continuous sense of security: You can't catch it here! Firmly established are AHA rules, mandatory masks, disinfection dispensers at the entrance, markings on the floor, barrier tapes to be able to keep the necessary distances and, if necessary, admission restrictions.

Expand hygiene concepts

However, there are still areas and surfaces in public spaces that are used by many people on a daily basis that cannot be covered by existing hygiene measures around the clock. Lift controls, stair railings, escalator handrails, parking ticket machines - all of these are surfaces that cannot be disinfected non-stop with conventional means. The effort and the associated costs would be too great. Shops and shopping centres that have integrated innovative technologies such as the TiTANO antimicrobial coating or the ESCALITE UVC module for disinfecting escalator handrails into their hygiene concepts, such as the Europapassage in Hamburg, have a clear advantage.

There, all railings, lifts, door handles of offices and toilets as well as public areas such as all seating and tables in the food court were coated with TiTANO for the second time this year. In addition, the escalators are equipped with the UVC module ESCALITE, which steadily removes 99.99 percent of all germs from the handrails. In Cologne, the pioneer is the Neumarkt Galerie, where ESCALITE has also been integrated into the escalators in 2020.

In the shops and boutiques of the shopping centres and outlets, TiTANO is used in changing rooms, on sales counters or on clothes hangers to increase the "germ-free level". Staff lounges also become safe break locations thanks to the TiTANO coating.

Also well prepared for their customers' Christmas shopping were the Designer Outlets in Wolfsburg, which had us coat all the railings and entrance doors as well as the Ravensburger play world for the little guests.

Thanks to such comprehensive hygiene concepts, Christmas shopping becomes doubly safe for customers and employees - from all kinds of germs and from possible falls on the escalator.


Published: 7. December 2021


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